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Spoken poems

Cyclus "Naar Metropolis"

Poet Pierre Maréchal wrote this cyclus of poems to be combined with extended video quotations taken from the famous film "Metropolis" (Fritz Lang, 1927). He speaks the poems himself and there is, we found, a marked difference between reading a poem and listening to it.

We decided NOT to add the video - you can easily find the complete film on the Internet - and we do NOT give the written text.

"Koren smoren"

Ook dit werk werd geschreven (en uitgevoerd) door dichter Pierre Maréchal. Er is ook een video van.


Combining spoken poetry with music can also be quite effective. This piece is an example of such a fruitful combination of words, voice and music. The work is by Marian Vaags. She wrote the text, recorded it and played the (partly dismantled) piano.