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Rain-no brain

We see the body of a man lying stretched out on a narrow bed, apparently deep in sleep. If you approach him from the top of the bed, however, it becomes evident that the head is missing. Over the silent body many (rather antique) handtools are dangling from the ceiling in a positively threatening manner. The light is spooky. The toolstorm could begin any moment, raining the tools on this poor defenceless brainless person .... tools such as chisels, hammers, saws, nearly as deadly dangerous as Damocles' sword.

An interesting although unenvisaged effect observed in this installation is the beautiful ringing tone many of the tools produce when they are swung on their long strings and strike each other in a random fashion.

The male figure is very realistic looking. It is in fact modelled directly on a real body - Alex's. The material is 5 cm wide papertape. This comes covered on one side with arabic gum that you wet before use. You cover the body with a few layers of this tape to form a tight skin. The skin is cut open to remove it from the body. The cuts are closed with more pieces of tape. The shape and size of the model so made are exactly those of the original body; the skin is at most 1 mm thick. You can dress the paper model in the original clothes as they will fit accurately.