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Music poems

Music poetry is a new form of sound poetry, that has little been investigated yet. Music poetry is not based on words and the human voice. Instead of words, syllables and letters, we use short, very short and/or ultrashort music fragments.

The fragments are taken from a wide variety of music. Of course the character of the music that we use in constructing our music poem strongly influences the feeling of the final poem created.

Instead of the human voice (spoken or sung), we use musical instruments, from a simple solo flute or piano to a symphony orchestra going at full blast - including human voices reciting or singing music.

All in all the scope of music poetry is much wider than that of sound poetry.

Such music poetry is created electronically, as it is impossible to perform such shorts fragments (less than 2 seconds, generally) in a live setting. And of course, each fragment might require a completely different set of instruments.

So the music poet combines his basic elements in a computer, using audio software.

In a music poem there is no longer a direct relation with spoken or sung words, intelligible or not. The work cannot be interpreted in that way. One has to listen to its sound / rhythm / music and find some feeling, emotion or understanding in that. This is what music poetry is all about.