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Impromptu playacting

Absurd theatre

This piece of playacting was a bit unusal, as is quite usual in deKunstClub.

The concept of the play is based on a full-length Dutch play by Marcel Osterop. We however took only about 15% of that, as our event was planned to be a short one. The text was also largely rewritten.

You will find the full text on THIS page.

It is a dialogue between a female and a male character. The actors were completely unprepared. They received their text just prior to playing it. In other words, they read their parts from paper. No director was involved. The only indications given to the actors were:

  1. play for maximum expression
  2. after each set of lines change your position as nuch as possible, so as to use the location maximally

The play was quite absurdist. Oh and the players were volunteers, chosen on the spot. Actually, the roles were played by Alex den Ouden and Bertie Kouwenhoven. No other people volunteered ....

As an added bonus, cellist Huub Bogaers improvised music to accompany the play. He did a marvellous job, his music really was just exactly right and on the spot. It greatly (or should we say: further) enhanced the whole performance.

photo's by Hans Jansen